Landing Page

Docurry will auto generate a landing page according to the info on To override the behavior simply create a in your content/{language} folder: eg: content/en/ Some special rules applies to this template:

  • <h5> ##### tags shows up big and centered, useful for showing emojis.
  • Ordered lists <ol> shows up vertically stacked without list style.
  • Unordered lists <ul> creates buttons for every entry and they are showed stacked horizontally. Intended to be used to create buttons with links.
  • <blockqoute> > shows as a subtitle.


##### 🍛

# Docurry

> A spicy, zero-config documentation site generator.

1. Simple and fast.
2. Statically built HTML. No router.
3. Multiple languages.
4. SEO and Mobile First
5. Open Source.

- [Docs](docs/)
- [Github](

Background Generation

If you want to provide your own background set the path on config.LANDING_PAGE_BG. It will be converted to jpg and copied to BUILD_FOLDER/img/bg.jpg

If you set config.LANDING_PAGE_BG to auto Docurry will auto generate the background using trianglify

Make sure to read trianglify license and make sure your project complies with it.

Each time the site is built, a new background will be generated.