To customize branding colors set variables in src/client/scss/_variables.scss

To customize how the website look, you can modify src/client/scss/landing_page.scss. and src/client/scss/docs.scss Docurry uses spectre. Follow the link for more info about customizing it.

Full list of variables can be found here

Adding styles

Any .scss file you add in src/client/scss will be processed and copied into BUILD_FOLDER/css

Ignoring styles

Any style that starts with underscore _ will be ignored.

Purging unused classes

If config.PURGE_CSS.purge is set to true, Docurry will remove any unused class from the processed css files, using PurgeCSS. There might be cases where a class is used dynamically and PurgeCSS will remove it, to handle these cases be sure to whitelist the selectors. It can be done in the source of crawler/make_styles or in PURGE_CSS config object.